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Established in 1976 as an expansion team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Bucs) play in the South Division of the National Football Conference in the NFL with their home stadium — that features a 103-foot (31-meter) pirate ship — in Tampa, Florida. After a solid string of playoff appearances leading up to 2002, the Buccaneers won Super Bowl XXXVII that year but haven’t reached that high again. Last week, the Bucs introduced “enhanced” logos and helmet designed by a design team of the NFL.





The previous identity of the Bucs had been designed 17 years ago and it was starting to show its age; the skull and swords looking more like late 1990s clipart drawings and less like the streamlined, pointy sports identities of today. Not that looking like today’s other sports identities is a good thing by default but you have to keep with the times and the Bucs are doing just that. The typography is exactly what we expect: pointy and stroked. The iconography too: meaner and stroked. And the alternate logo (ship, seen below) also: merchandise-y and stroked. Despite the expectations being met yet not exceeded the logo is more effective with a crisper use of lines and dimension. Thanks to the color change and removing a lot of those extraneous black lines the new logo is less muddied and busy.